Strategic Plan

Hospital Strategic Plan

The People and Community Plan (PCP) 2021-2024 builds on the Hospital’s strong foundation since services began on April 10th, 2010. It provides a general outline of our strategic goals for the next three years and incorporates extensive input from staff, patients, our board of directors, and key partners.

The plan echoes our commitment to excellence, people-centered care, and developing more seamless and integrated health services to benefit our community.

Over the years, our successes and challenges have been stepping stones in our evolution, learning, and growth. We have recorded an increase in demand for services with more patient activity. The impact of major hurricanes is an annual threat due to our geographical location, and the COVID-19 pandemic has been the most recent stressor on our system and resources. Still, our resilience, proactive approach, and intense focus on managing risks have allowed us to navigate these elements.

There has been significant progress in providing quality health services to our community and value for money in our public-private partnership agreement with the Turks and Caicos Islands Government. We have continuously embraced our responsibility to make strategic decisions, invest wisely, and maintain effective partnerships with our stakeholders.

The People and Community Plan (PCP) 2021-2024 is available below.

Hospital Communications Strategy

The Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital (TCIH) Communications Plan 2021-2024 provides an overview of the ongoing and forthcoming communication strategies to be deployed over the next three years.

These strategies seek to ensure internal and external stakeholders are informed of appropriate activities and actions of the Hospital, its mission, services, and programs, and promotes patient and family engagement. The achievements, opportunities, and challenges that can impact the effective delivery of positive and proactive messages at TCIH are also enclosed. The plan further expands on the activities, communication channels, frequency, target audiences, key messages, and mechanisms used to evaluate the effectiveness of the activities.

The communications plan aligns with the Hospital’s strategic objectives, people-centered approach and considers feedback received via staff and patient satisfaction surveys, community consultations, and emerging trends in corporate communications in health care. TCIH remains committed to canvassing and incorporating the views, voices, and expectations of its people, patients, and community partners into service planning and quality improvement initiatives.

Excerpts from the Hospital Communications Plan 2021-2024 are available below. The document provides an outline of our achievements.