The Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital has two clinical laboratories, one located at Cheshire Hall Medical Centre on the island of Providenciales and the other at Cockburn Town Medical Centre on Grand Turk. Both labs are accredited by Accreditation Canada International. By combining the use of state-of-the art laboratory technology with the skills of highly-trained competent technologists, the laboratories serve a supportive role in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients. Laboratory services are offered seven days a week to inpatients and five days a week to outpatients except in emergency cases. Patients requiring laboratory testing should bring their Physician’s orders and NHIP card (if applicable) to the Hospital. No appointment is necessary; walk-ins are welcome, however, special preparations are necessary for some tests. The Laboratory collection station is located just to the left of the lobby at the end of the hallway on your right. The collection station is open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm weekdays. After hours and weekend collections are performed in the Emergency Room along with registration. The Laboratory offers diverse services as follows:

  • Core Lab – The Core Lab comprises several disciplines: Chemistry, Haematology, Coagulation, and Immunology assays are performed in this area. Seven-day coverage for our full-service laboratory is facilitated by a dedicated team of laboratory personnel. The Core Lab performs 70 percent of all laboratory testing. Preparation and shipping of samples for tests not performed in-house is also handled by the Core Lab.
  • Blood Banking – The Transfusion Service provides whole blood and blood components for patients undergoing surgery, babies in the neonatal intensive care unit and any other patient needing a transfusion.
  • Microbiology – The Microbiology Department isolates micro-organisms from patient samples to determine possible infection, which allows for timely and accurate treatment with antibiotic therapy. It performs approximately 100,000 tests per year on various sample types. Treatment options are made available to physicians and play an integral role in the care of our patients at the Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital.
  • Cytology – Cytology is the actual study of cells from various organs of the body. Cytology examines cells shed from the cervix, tumours or other types of lesion; as well as body fluids, secretions or washings from other various body parts. Pap smears are done for a wide range of disorders of the cells including cervical cancer and the detection of changes consistent with HPV, gonorrhoea, chlamydia and herpes. Presently, cytology specimens are sent to our Reference Lab.
  • Histology – Histology is the preparation of body tissues for microscopic examination by the Pathologist to rule out or determine the cause of the disease or to determine the cause of death in autopsies. Tissue removed from the human body through biopsy, surgery or autopsy is processed by Medical Technologists.
  • Pathology – There is one Pathologist who is board-certified in Anatomic, Clinical and Forensic pathology. He directs both the Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Laboratory Departments and provides complete surgical pathology, cytology, autopsy and clinical consultative services. Relationship with our high-quality reference laboratory allow for completion of any special testing requirements that may be needed by the Pathologist.