Registration, Billing and Insurance

How to register?

All patients must present to the hospital with picture identification (ID). The preferred ID is your National Health Insurance Plan (NHIP) card so that eligibility can be confirmed at this time. Other forms of a picture ID are acceptable. This is also a patient safety goal, as we wish to ensure we are providing the right care and treatment to the right patient.

All persons who legally reside and are employed in the TCI should have a valid NHIP card. Verification of eligibility and coverage is done at each visit to the hospital, since employment or eligibility changes may occur between visits. Patients are encouraged to register at the main entrance to the Hospital, in the foyer. It is advisable to have NHIP contributions paid up to date to prevent any delay in accessing care. If the card is active, you will be asked to pay the co-pay amount. If the card is not active, you will be considered a private patient and you must pay as a private-pay patient. If there are any issues with eligibility of the card, you may be directed to the NHIP office to resolve the matter.

Billing and Insurance:
The hospital accepts private insurance in cases of emergency; otherwise patients who have private insurance will be encouraged to pay the bill with cash, credit or debit card and then seek reimbursement from your insurance company. The reason for this is the difficulty the hospital experiences when trying to verify insurance coverage and a guarantor of payment for the bills within 30 days. This process is even more challenging when the company is located outside the Turks and Caicos Islands. Patients who have private insurance will be provided with an itemized bill as well as the accompanying records to assist with their reimbursement process. The hospital encourages visitors to purchase travel insurance before travelling to the Turks and Caicos Islands as this will provide you with a lower-cost option and peace of mind while on vacation, in the event you require access to medical care either locally or abroad (if required services are not available locally.) Our experience with patients who have travel insurance has been very positive.