Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith is currently the Information Management & Technology Manager at Interhealth Canada TCI Ltd and holds a wealth of experience in the field of Information Technology and Computer Programming. Below are some highlights of his qualifications.

▪ Over 10 Years’ Experience in IT Professional Environment.
▪ Bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems
▪ Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL 2011) Certified
▪ Leadership and Management Certification
▪ Nurse Courier Certified Technician (Telecor`)
▪ Manage Hospital Information Systems for both Hospitals in TCI
▪ Manage over 5 different Systems simultaneously in Government
▪ Developed Full Cash Register Applications for local business.
▪ Developed and managed implementation of Belonger Status Application for The Turks & Caicos Islands Immigration Department.
▪ Develop and managed implementation of the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Elections Voters Registration System